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    Cheating Patients

    The Secret World Of A Private Practice
    Fake Hospital is proud to present its very first volume, Cheating Patients. When hot, female clients come into this doctor’s office, they’re sure to cum again, even if it means cheating on their hubbies! Mrs. Psenickova isn’t feeling very well, and soon admits that she and her husband are having fertility problems. Luckily, the doctor is happy to help by depositing his very own semen sample. Valentina is an incredibly horny, nympho MILF, who made an appointment for her injured knee. After almost fucking her husband in the office bathroom, she leaves him to wait for her outside while she takes out her sexual tension on one very lucky general practitioner instead. Kamila is a new mom and not felling attractive, so she wants a referral for a plastic surgeon. The doctor does his best to show her just how sexy she is, so she can’t help but stray from her man who’s at home with the baby, and enjoy some PHD cock instead! The best part is, good ol’ doc records everything through hidden cameras and his trusty pair of goggles. Enjoy your visit to the Fake Hospital!

    2016 Fake Hospital Kamila Pokorna,Miss,Mrs. Psenickova,The Doctor,Valentina