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His Brother’s Blessing

His Brother's Blessing
As the young couple walk around the kitchen, Sammy (Will Pounder) gushes about his brother, Dirk (Chad White). Angela (Bobbi Dylan) starts to fret, saying it's a lot of pressure meeting him, since Dirk is so important to Sammy -- what if he doesn't like her? They are interrupted by the sound of the front door unlocking and opening. Some shuffling sounds can be heard as Sammy waits excitedly, gripping his nervous-looking fiancee's hands, until eventually a man in a cop uniform, Dirk, steps into the kitchen. When Christy (Jane Wilde) steps out, Daniel (Zachary Wild) is waiting for her with a towel and some fresh clothes. "Dad almost caught us this time," she says after a long pause. Daniel smirks. "But he didn't!" He reminds her, leading her out to his bedroom. "And he never will, just as long as you keep your promise!" Christy nods innocently. She is completely in love with her older step-brother and has been since they first became a family.