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Like What You See?

Like What You See?. Timothy (Davon Drake) is a friend of the family's son, Max, and is staying over that night. Max's parents, Natasha (Mona Wales) and Cyrus (Mike Mancini), are happy to have Timothy over, always enjoying seeing Max's friends. But as the dinner continues, it seems Timothy is particularly drawn to Natasha... And is it his imagination or is Natasha being a bit flirty with him that night? It seems like everyone else is oblivious to it, so surely it has to be all in Timothy's head. Later that night, Timothy's unable to get any shut-eye. As he gets up he hears sounds coming from a nearby room. His curiosity gets the best of him as he creeps down the hallway and opens the door, peeking inside the room. To his surprise, he catches Natasha and Cyrus having sex! Timothy stares a moment too long and is caught by Cyrus. But instead of being mad, the adventurous couple invites Timothy to join them. Natasha just can't get enough cock, so Cyrus could use a bit of extra help... Ryan (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan's home and looking forward to meeting his parents, Nate (Tommy Pistol). Ryan is looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. But theres something he has planned for this night that he's not telling her....

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