Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 10

A Mother-Son Secret. Scene 1:. "...And please, give me strength to not give into the temptations..." Mother says in her affirmations before bed, then she crawls under the sheets. She reaches under the pillows and retrieves a trusted toy to pleasure herself with in an attempt to stave off the taboo lust she has racing in her mind. If only her husband did not travel as much as he did, his side of the bed would not be empty again that evening. That emptiness being an open invitation for his stepson to be with Mother!. The next morning, Mother is cleaning in the kitchen, when she feels a familiar hand slide up the back of her leg. Her eyes close as she presses against the viral figure, only to find it is NOT HER HUSBAND, BUT HIS SON!!! "Stop that! Jodi Exclaims. We can't do this anymore. It is wrong!" She keeps trying to explain to the young man and fight off his advances.. Mother sends him off to school and tries to regain her composure. WHERE IS THE STRENGTH SHE IS NEEDING RIGHT NOW TO FIGHT OF THE DEEP DESIRE SHE HAS BREWING INSIDE HER?!. Later that night, as Mother in bed, she feels the touch of a man pulling down the covers and caressing her bottom. Did her husband finally make it home? As she pressed against him with her eyes closed, her mouth finds his and the two kiss passionately. Mother's hand reaches back to the growing penis he has for her. BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG... It is not her husband's penis, but his stepson's much larger cock filling her hand!!!. "Stop! I told you we can't keep doing this!" Mother opens her eyes and exclaims. But will she be able to stop this time. The young man's hands race across her body, and soon, they agree that tomorrow will be the day for strength. Tonight will be for TABOO PASSIONS!. The scene then follows their tryst as Mother uses her mouth to get his cock fully engorged, then climbs on top of him for her unbridled lust. "Would you like to finish behind me again?" Mother asks, indicating many previous encounters. When he finally erupts, his youthful seed sprays from her buttocks all the way to her hair! He gasps as he sprays her down with ejaculate! She sends him from her bed, then gets on her knees and asks again for what will be needed to make this inappropriate behavior stop... STRENGTH FOR TOMORROW!. Scene 2:. Jodi West has a good life. She has a nice big house, lots of nice things, a loving family. The one thing she wants is more attention from her husband. He works so hard, he is always away from home, leaving her alone far too much for her liking. Jodi is a woman of needs, and when her stepson comes home to find her eating dinner alone again, he just wants to help.. It may have been the , or just the warmth of another loving person, but Jodi starts to find hidden amorous feelings towards Peter. There is only one thing that these two need to keep always in their minds. No one can ever find out about their secret affair.. Passions take over and the Mother/Stepson tryst begins. Starting with passionate kissing, then moving onto fellatio, these two burn up the screen with their forbidden lust. Soon Mother is screaming with her needs to have her own stepson inside her to quench her taboo desires.. As she takes his huge cock in her, she screams in pleasure. Peter pumps wildly in her and just as he is about to shoot his seed deep in Mother, she screams not to cum in her! He withdraws from her at the last minute, shooting his ejaculation all over Mother's ass..

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Duration: 14 mins.

Released Date: May 06, 2013


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