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Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 19

Memoirs Of Bad Mommies #19. Scene one starring Jodi West and Tony Rabino, directed by Jay West.. One of our most twisted storylines of a mother's manipulation of her stepson to fulfill her own perverted passions!. Jodi is on the phone with her husband. She is feeling more and more like a housekeeper and less like a wife in this marriage. Now it seems that his irresponsible stepson not only left his room an absolute disaster, but he also forgot his asthma inhaler and will need it for his baseball game.. "No, No. I'll get it to him," she tells her husband on the phone. Mother is getting sick of doing all this running around for the little ingrate. She might have to drop off the medicine, but she has no intention of staying and watching the young man play ball.. Later that afternoon, she is on the phone with her friend planning the night with her husband away when she hears her stepson enter the home. She hangs up and waits for him. "Oh, there you are. Have you seen my inhaler?" the young man asks. Mother confirms she has it, but ostracizes him for being irresponsible. "What? I didn't need it earlier, but I need it now for my game," Tony says. "You need it?! Well I have needs too. I am sick of going unsatisfied by your father!" mother says, taunting him with the inhaler. "What are you willing to do for it?". Mother informs him that he will have to eat her pussy and make her cum before he can have it. She maneuvers his head into place, but as he is performing for mother, he starts to wheeze from the asthma. "You need to learn breath control!" mother says, giving him just one puff of his medicine, then placing his head back down on her wet cunt. "Now eat that pussy!" mother demands. Soon she is getting close, but decides to show him what real breath control is like. Mother roles her stepson over, sits on his face and takes his hard cock deep in her throat. This motivates the young man to eat her pussy with a little more vigor and enthusiasm, and soon mother cums on his face, grinding her cunt down hard on his head.. "Oh, you're not going anywhere yet!" mother says, informing her stepson that his chores are not done. She jumps on his hard, slick cock, and rides it to her liking. Mother's ass bounces up and down on the long cock until she decides she needs it deeper in her. Mother gets on her knees and has her son behind her, holding off his orgasm until she cums again. When he can't hold it any longer, mother allows her stepson to explode, spraying her down with steam after stream of semen. He is so excited that it covers her back from her ass to her neck! Exhausted, mother throws his inhaler towards the door. "Now don't tell your father!" she yells as she reclines on the bed. Mother doesn't even really care if her husband finds out, it's about time someone fucked her well in the family.. Scene two: This is a taboo tale of mother-stepson lust that can only be quenched through unbridled sex!. It is almost dawn, and Jodi is sneaking into the house quietly as to not wake her family. She left her husband hours ago telling him she would only be a little while at her work function. She has been out all night, and she is trying not to get caught. There is only one problem: her stepson has been staying up waiting for her from the time he heard she went out! He knew there was something ignominious afoot, and when she pulled up in a strange car, his suspicions were realized. He watched as the car windows steamed and the outline of his mother and a man that was not his father intertwined. When Jodi came through the door, he confronted her.. "It doesn't mean anything," was the only thing out of his mother's mouth as he interrogated her. How could she do this to him and his father? But Jodi had other questions. Why was her stepson so interested in her actions? Why was he so upset, and why would he stay up all night for her when her own husband was in the other room? She had her suspicions, but there was only one way to find out..... She kissed her own son the way she did the man in the car. See, it didn't mean anything...or did it? Her son grew uncomfortable as she discovered that the affections of his own mother were turning him on! She took it further and further, showing him that mere physical action doesn't mean anything. She takes her stepson's large penis in her mouth and tries to show him it means nothing. Soon she is grinding on top of her son, rubbing his huge member against her hardened clit. "If you can just hold out a minute longer so can get off, I will let you cum inside me so that maybe it CAN mean something!" A very twisted family fantasy story of mother-stepson love gone unchecked..

Duration: 29 mins.

Released Date: May 06, 2013


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