Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 2

Mother's Memories. Scene 1:. Mother is busy in the kitchen, filling boxes for the move. They have decided to sell the family home, and she has so much to do before closing. She is even too busy to notice her Stepson watching her from the hall. She is almost startled when she finally notices him.. "Oh, I didn't see you there" Mother exclaims as she continues her packing. "I was just watching you" her stepson Levi says, as he enters the room. The young man is still in disbelief that the family home is being sold. As he helps Mother with some dishes to be packed, he says "this is the home I grew up in, I can't believe you are selling it. There are so many memories...". But there is a dark side to the move, to the downsizing of the family estate. The tension between Mother and her stepson has been growing, and this type of tension is very inappropriate. Today is not the only time she has noticed the young man watching her form in a way a stepson should not watch his Stepmother. It is best her and his father move to a smaller place and he moves out to finish school. That would be safest for everyone.... But when Levi slides in behind her to help her pack... When he presses himself against her... When he smells her perfume and touches her hair with his lips... Things move on a course that neither one of them have the strength to stop!. "Levi, stop this now!" Mother exclaims, but not too convincingly. Her stepson pleads and can't control his hands as they find the thin material of her tight blouse. With one quick motion the buttons fly open and his hands have an uncontrollable mind of their own! "Stop! We Can't... here..." Mother's strength to fight off her stepson weakens as their lips begin to touch. Deep inside she has wanted this as much as he has. But if they are going to take the next step, they will need to be more discrete and move to her bedroom. The same bed that his father on every night.. What happens next is a blur of unbridled passion. The building excitement and anticipation between these two is released in a flurry of passionate lovemaking. With both partners moving with reckless abandon towards climax, Both Mother and Stepson explode in orgasmic eruption!. As they cradle each other in post-coital bliss, the fire slowly subsides. "let's just keep this between ourselves" Mother instructs quietly, hoping that with discretion, it might lead to further encounters.. Scene 2:. Mother is very busy today. She is desperately trying to get everything ready for her tasting party for the women's group, and nothing seems to be working out! Now even the front entry light is giving her trouble. She tries to fix the bulb herself, but when she almost breaks her neck, she decides to call her stepson in for help.. "Don't hold the ladder, hold onto me" Mother insists, as she unsteadily rises to change the bulb. Her stepson Jimmy reluctantly grabs her bottom to steady her. His strong hand grips her backside flesh, and a twinge of excitement races through each of them.. Once the light is fixed, she lowers herself down and into Jimmy's arms. There is a moment of uncomfortable silence as they each try to ignore the forbidden desires that are rising in them.. "Now go get changed, you will be helping to serve the and cheese for the party, and I am so nervous about these women. They can be such catty bitches if things aren't just right" Mother tells Jimmy as he leaves to get dressed for the party. Once he is gone, Mother tries to collect herself and her taboo feelings for him.. After the party is over, Mother is cleaning up the mess. Jimmy brings in the last of the dirty glasses to be cleaned.. "It looks like someone didn't finish their !" Mother says, when she notices a half full glass. She downs the remaining spirits in one gulp, indicating that Mother might have had just a bit too much to drink that evening.. "So you really think everything went alright" Mother asks her stepson, as they carry on the conversation about the successful evening's event. But there is more than just innocent dialogue going on. Mother's eyes and hands seem to have a mind of their own, as she touches the young man's developed chest. When did Jimmy get so big and strong? What are these feelings I'm having? Mother thinks as she sends him off to bed. She grabs the last of the bottles of , quickly pours the remains into a glass, and downs the drink in another big gulp.. What am I about to do, races through Mother's mind as she finds an excuse to get into her stepson's bedroom. After all, she has had trouble with the zipper on her dress in the past, hasn't she?. What happens next will leave you speechless, as both Mother and Stepson get swept away by the currents of forbidden love! Mother satisfies all her mature, womanly desires on the hard manhood of this young stallion! It ends with the uncontrollable orgasm of Mother, and the spray of taboo seed from this victimized young man!.

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Duration: 33 mins.

Released Date: May 06, 2013


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