Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 3

A Mother Teaches. Jodi is a great step-mother, everyone knows that. So when her stepson Luke's girlfriend, Cory, breaks up with him to start dating another man, a much more experienced man well-known for being fast and loose with the women, Jodi's maternal instincts take over.. Luke is distraught and almost inconsolable but slowly perks up when Jodi offers to help make a man out of him and teach him what girls like (in the bedroom). Dressed in a silk robe, she first needs to teach him how to kiss a girl. She tells him to make his lips soft and kiss slowly and tenderly before heating up and kissing deeper and more passionately with tongues darting.. "I've never kissed Cory like THAT before," says Luke with excitement! Jodi tells him it's ok and reassures the young man by telling him, "Girls like it when you kiss them like this." The lessons continue and intensify as Jodi shows him how a good girl would give a blowjob, how wet it makes her down there, and how to have intercourse in several positions.. Jodi's final motherly lesson, after she has the young man fuck her to her satisfaction, is where to shoot his load on her in order to not get a girl pregnant. This hands-on learning should be just the experience he needs to win back the elusive Cory.. SCENE TWO:. It's a big day for Jodi and Frankie. Jodi is off to argue a big trial as a powerful attorney, and her stepson Frankie is off to tell his girlfriend he just got accepted to a prestigious college! It had all the makings of what could be a great day!. But when Jodi came home with a bottle of champagne to celebrate her victory in court, she found Frankie very sad. Did his day not go as well? It seems his girlfriend did not get accepted to the same college, and she said there was no way she was going to have a long distance relationship with Frankie, so she broke up with him.. Frankie is devastated. It seems that not only were they close and going to school together, they were saving themselves sexually for each other! Now Jodi's stepson would have to go to college a virgin!. Jodi would do anything for Frankie, and seeing him like this made her take things into her own hands. If his ex-girlfriend was not going to be there for him, she was going to give her stepson the sexual experience he needed to be confident in college! She shows him how to kiss right, and how to slowly take off a girl's clothes. And when the time is right, Jodi lowers herself onto his large cock and shows him what it feels like to be inside a woman!. She then uses her stepson as she shows him the different positions to make love to a woman. Frankie's large cock slides deep into his own StepMother's dripping wet pussy as he learns how to fuck! In the end, Jodi makes sure to pull his large cock out and spray his seed all over her. Frankie definitely learned from the experience!.