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Museum Break Up

Museum Break Up. Our Guy runs into a Gold Digger outside one of the museums in Heroes Square. She is pissed off. because her boyfriend has dumped her while he explores the museum. She points out that she. hates everything old - old people, old cars, old paintings and museums. She only likes new - new. clothes, new shoes, new young people. Getting friendly with the Guy he offers to take her for a spin. in his car. Next we are at his place and the couple have sex. Afterwards the Gold Digger offers. herself as a girlfriend but our Guy says the last thing he wants is a girl who just dumps her boyfriend. so easily as one day he will be old and she will do the same thing to him!. Sitting on a bench near Heroes Square and looking suitably pissed off is glamorous gold digger. ALYSSIA. Along comes RAUL. He asks her why the long face? She says her boyfriend is looking. around one of the museums but that all the old shit only bores her - she hates old people, old cars,. old paintings and every thing about museums! She only likes new things, especially new clothes,. new shoes, new cars and being with new and young trendy people! Staring at RAUL she remarks. that he is young and cute - the kind of person that she likes!. RAUL points out that he also has a new car, and an expensive one at that, parked a few streets. away. He offers to take ALYSSIA for a spin. She accepts, saying that she will phone her boyfriend. and tell him some lie.. We next join the couple at RAULS house. Gold Digger ALYSSIA is hugely impressed by RAUL. She sees. him as a potential new source of lifestyle. Cosying up to him the pair are soon kissing and ALYSSIA drops to. worship our Guys large penis. She pulls it out of his pants and admires the size so much bigger than. her boyfriends. With enthusiasm she licks it, then starts sucking on it, trying to get as much of the monster. down her throat as she can. RAUL moans as she slurps away and licks on his balls. Such oral worship. deserves to be rewarded - RAUL lays ALYSSIA down and helps her strip. Then he buries his tongue deep in. her pussy, licking on her outer lips and nibbling away the bitchs clitoris, driving the curvy whore wild.. Ramming his cock into her missionary style, RAUL starts fucking the slut nice and hard. ALYSSIA. enjoys every second. She wraps her legs around him and begs for it more and more. Greasing up. his pole in her love box, RAUL moves the whore into cowgirl. He has a big dick and it looks like a. monster length of manmeat as he rams her snatch from this angle. In and out, in and out, the dick. slides remorselessly up and down the bitchs tight cunt. Swinging her around, RAUL fucks her reverse. cowgirl. From this angle we can best enjoy ALYSSIAs curvy body and her very pretty face as she rides. his stiff big cock up and down her cunt! Its even worth getting off occasionally to suck her own cum. juice off the glistening love stick.. Next RAUL services the whore in spoons position, Here he slams that huge dick of his deep into. her love box sending the bitch shivering with pre-orgasmic lust. Finally we get doggy as our stud. slams his penis into ALYSSIA from the rear. She begs him to fuck her harder and orgasms with. delight. RAUL is getting close himself. Finally he pulls out and showers the whore`s upturned face. with thick white streaks of hot jism that dribble down off her chin. The whore make the most of all. this, slurping on cum and re-sucking the cock!. After she asks the Guy if he would like her as a girl friend? Hell - no he replies! Why she asks? He. points out the a girl so ready to drop a current boyfriend does not impress him. She likes new things. too much and one day she would be dropping him too for the next new dude. Ciao baby, he says,. be a gold digger somewhere else!.